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» Shona Sculptures
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» Shona Sculptures
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Works By Chituwa Jemali
Chituwa Jemali, Shona sculptor Chituwa Jemali was born on November 4, 1969, in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. He attended Howson Trust Primary and Wadzanai High School in Shamva. It was during his High School years that he began sculpting. Jemali was encouraged in his early years to pursue carving by the world renowned sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa. Jemali spent years perfecting his skills while in his teens. He continued to develop his technique under the guidance of another master sculptor, Moses Masaya. Jemaliís primary occupation is carving, and his powerful, peaked spirit figures have become sought after by collectors. Chituwa is married and he and his wife Rhoda have six children.
By 1993 Jemali's work was being presented in galleries in Canada and the Netherlands. Today, his work has made its way through Europe, South Africa, Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Germany and the United States.

 Featured Collection (Total Items: 4)
Window of Opportunity
Window of Opportunity
Price:  $895.00
Soul Protected
Soul Protected
Price:  $3,200.00
Daba to Daba
Daba to Daba
Price:  $3,200.00
Price:  $1,200.00

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