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Chris Henry Paintings
Chris Henry For me, art is an opportunity to transform, inspire and relate with the world through beauty and creativity. One of the ways I express myself is by incorporating words at the beginning of a new piece. I choose a word that inspires me, writing or painting it on the newly primed panel and allowing that inspiration to guide me thru the creation like a moving meditation. In doing this, my process is fun and I believe that translates into my work. I believe words are powerful and can shape ones reality both consciously and unconsciously. Although on most of my works the word is painted over (yet sometimes repeated at a later stage), I believe itís essence or vibration still comes through, and I enjoy the surprise or discovery of something new and unexpected with each new work. -- (Read all of Chris Henry's biography)
 Featured Collection (Total Items: 3)
Relocating Ones Self
Relocating Ones Self
Price:  $5,900.00
A Return to Presence
A Return to Presence
Price:  $4,900.00
Authentic Bliss
Authentic Bliss
Price:  $4,900.00

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